The Company

Transnet Express Pvt Limited was incorporated in January 1995, with its registered office at Bangalore, India. The prime strength of Transnet lies in the innate quality of the core team to sense and respond to customers' expectations and needs. Conscious effort is made by this team to build up a second line of management by inculcating customer focus in them.

Transnet recognizes that no two customers have identical needs. As a result customized logistics solutions tailored to suit the specific needs of customer is inevitable in the fast changing scenario of the Indian economy.

Transnet has established offices at strategic locations pan India. The infrastructure created at these locations viz., vehicles, data processing equipment and telecommunications facilities render adequate support to the team to carry out its mission efficiently - to design, plan and monitor a cost effective logistics system.


A core team of professionals involved in the day to day operations of Transnet, consists of people with over 150 man years of hardcore experience in fields as diverse as publication, express distribution, engineering, logistics management, pharmaceuticals, food processing, steel etc, with the guidance of this team and commitment of every one of its employees, Transnet has been able to carve a niche for itself in the critical business of logistics management.